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360 Camera

From immersive 360-degree photospheres and videos, to visually fascinating Tiny Planets, 360 cameras offer a unique take on photography. If you love taking pictures on your smartphone, you’ll probably love shooting 360-degree stills and videos. 

Getting Started with 360

Before you settle on a 360-degree camera, you have to ask yourself where your priorities lie. Form factors, still image capabilities, image stabilisation, mobile app quality, and the ability to shoot LOG and RAW media should all influence your decision. And then finally, there’s the price.

Cameras that can shoot 360-degree footage have at least two lenses; one at the front, and one at the back. These lenses capture wide-angle video. The camera stitches the footage together to create a single 360-degree image.

This has its benefits. There’s no need to frame your shots since you’re capturing everything around you. This is known as over capture. You can then edit the footage down later to create your video.