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Virtual Viewing with

360 Camera

Travel may be limited these days, but discovering incredible experiences from across the globe doesn’t have to be. Virtual tours, especially in the real estate industry, were becoming increasingly popular even before the COVID-19 pandemic. This is where the virtual tour comes in – you can use this medium to present a property to potential customers online, either live (using a video conferencing software such as Zoom) or by sharing a link.

360 for Virtual Viewing

Simply put, a 360 camera captures panoramic photos and videos from a single position. A 30 camera can pan both vertically and horizontally, creating a photo that is fully navigable and makes the viewers feel like they are actually at the location where the photo was taken.

There are some factors to take into account when choosing your 360 camera for virtual viewing. 

Image Quality

Many 360 cameras have put more focus on their panoramic video capabilities, adding in features such as video stabilisation and high frame rates. These aren’t necessary when choosing a 360 camera for virtual tours. The first thing to consider is image resolution – basically, the higher, the better. A 360 camera which has the option to shoot in High Dynamic Range (HDR) Mode, which can help give your photos a more vibrant look.

Ease of Workflow

For those with no photography experience, a camera which requires minimal intervention from the user will be suitable. However, there are also those who would like to take on a more active role in post-processing. Look up on reviews online to understand more about the camera you are interested in. You might need to make additional investment for a post-processing software like Adobe Lightroom and Matterport.

Stitching Quality

Although there are no technical specs that will let you know how well a 360 camera does its stitching. Your best bet would be to check out examples of their output. Look for telltale signs of poor stitching – discontinuous lines, distorted features, or inconsistent lighting.