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We have all you need to get started

Enjoy the ease of filming at your fingertips

From cameras to microphone stands, you name it we have it. BMC offers a one stop shopping service for your live streaming and video needs. Check out the products that we have to offer below!

Check Out Some of Our Youtube Curated Videos Below!

Phone Streaming and Shooting

Check out some video tutorials on tips and tricks to fully utilise your phone's capability!

Web Streaming and

Shooting Guide

Check out some video tutorials on tips and tricks to setting up your equipments for streaming for the best quality!

Streaming Platforms

Check out some video tutorials on guides to choose your most suitable platform to stream on!


Check out some videos on tips and tricks to get started with podcasting!

Getting Started

Before you get started, know the medium that you are shooting on. Find out our favourite picks that best suit your devices below!
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