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Fujifilm HG-XE1 Hand Grip for X-E1 & X-E2


Condition: Pre-loved

**While stocks last, subjected to availability**


The HG-XE1 Hand Grip from Fujifilm screws into the tripod mount of the X-E1 or X-E2 Digital Camera and provides a comfortable and stabilizing grip. A hand grip offers not only comfort for your hand but also a sturdy and steadying hold when shooting at longer shutter speeds. The HG-XE1 has a metal base plate and a large rubber covered hand grip. Its thumbscrew attaches to the camera without tools and because it's recessed, it doesn't stick out from the base of the grip. This is an aesthetic touch but also allows the camera to rest flatly on its base. The grip's design takes into account the overall balance of the camera when attaching the dedicated X-series lenses and the grip's tripod mount is placed on the optical axis of the lens.

Fujifilm HG-XE1 Hand Grip for X-E1 & X-E2

  • Strictly Non-Refundable nor Exchangable
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