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The Leica name can be practically synonymous with fine film cameras, and this Leica M2 35mm Rangefinder camera body can be a great example of why. This Leica camera body is designed to use 35mm, 50mm, and 90mm lenses. With a magnification ratio of 0.72, this Leica can have an exceedingly sensitive manual focusing system. You can set the shutter speed manually to values ranging from 1 second to 1/1000 second. This camera can take many types of film, including Kodak black and white and Kodak color stock. The camera’s gears are made of corrosion resistant brass. Each Leica M2 also sports top and bottom plates that are made of brass. The camera case was designed to be sturdy and to shut out all light to protect the integrity of light sensitive film. The M2 film counter can be manually set. In fact, this Leica has two release mechanisms: a rewind lever and a rewind button. When you take a photograph with a Rangefinder camera, you generally look through the camera with one eye. You must keep your other eye on the scene you’re photographing.



SN: ****337

Condition: Excellent (EX)

Warranty: No warranty, sold as it is


What You Will Get

- Body Cap


Our Policy

All products sold are strictly non-refundable and non-exchangeable unless otherwise stated. Do come by our store during operating hours should you have further enquiries.

*SOLD* Leica M2 (Chrome) Film Rangefinder (used)

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