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- R3 MOT fitted with tougher film winding gears and will accept Motor Winder R3 (14270)

- With the Winder: single shot and continuous firing up to 2 fps.

- Film rewind is still done manually as the motor does not have the rewind function.

- No self-timer 

- Metering mode now displayed in viewfinder

- New generation of Leica SLR cameras, the first electronic Leitz camera, unique body shape, box-like with sharp corners, unlike later R cameras.

- Manual metering and aperture priority AE

- Full-field and spot metering patterns

 - Exposure compensation and AE lock

- Hot shoe, separate X and M PC sync terminals

- Shutter speed range: 4 sec to 1/1000 plus B and X

- Stepless shutter speed selection in AE mode

- Flash sync speed: 1/90

- Copal Leitz Shutter: electronically controlled, vertically moving, metal blades

- Mechanical shutter speeds: B, and X which is 1/90

- ISO/ASA film speed range: 12-3200, set manually

- Multi-exposure capability

- Focusing screen: split image and microprism circle which outlines the spot-metering field. Not interchangeable.



SN: ****405

Condition: Excellent (EX)

Warranty: No warranty, sold as it is


What You Will Get

- Body Cap


Our Policy

All products sold are strictly non-refundable and non-exchangeable unless otherwise stated. Do come by our store during operating hours should you have further enquiries.

Leica R3 Mot Electronic SLR (used)

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