Allowing you to mount a Nikon F mount G lens on a Micro Four Thirds camera body, this Lens Turbo Adapter Mark II from Mitakon Zhongyi is a manual adapter that maintains infinity focus and image quality, and well as increases the maximum aperture and angle of view. Four elements are featured in the adapter's design, including one extra-low dispersion element, which helps to deliver a well-corrected image with edge-to-edge sharpness and illumination. This optical design also condenses the light reaching the sensor in order to gain one effective stop of light and increase the angle of view by 0.726x to somewhat lessen the crop factor of Micro Four Thirds cameras.

In addition to the optical design, this adapter features an integrated aperture control ring for adjusting aperture on G-series lenses as well as a durable metal housing along with stainless steel mounts for secure lens-to-adapter and adapter-to-camera connections. As a manual adapter, electronic communication, including aperture control and autofocus, is not supported between the camera and lens.


  • Permits mounting Nikon F mount G lenses on Micro Four Thirds mirrorless cameras.
  • Four elements in four groups design, including one extra-low dispersion element, maintains sharpness and clarity from edge-to-edge.
  • Optical design condenses the light reaching the sensor to effectively gain one f/stop of light and increase the angle of view by 0.726x.
  • Integrated aperture control ring allows for improved exposure control when using Nikon's G-series lenses..
  • Durable metal construction with stainless steel mounts.

Mitakon Zhongyi Nikon F Mount G Lens to Micro Four Thirds Camera Lens Turbo

    • Nikon F Mount G Lens to MFT Camera
    • One Extra-Low Dispersion Element
    • Widens Angle of View by 0.726x
    • Increases Maximum Aperture 1 Stop
    • Integrated Aperture Control Ring
    • Durable Metal Construction
    • Stainless Steel Mounts
  • Strictly Non-Refundable nor Exchangable
    Please Proceed to the Store During Opening Hours for Purchase or Enquiries.

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