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The SYK-3 flash remote controller is harnessing optical theory making the master flasher to control remotely the auxiliary one to flash synchronously without the need of connecting wires. It features small in volume, good-looking in exterior, high inflexibility and stable in performance, it can also artificially create different kinds of effect and take special photos.

Seagull SYK 3 Optical Slave Function

  • Distance of remote control: L=master flasher index/2 (The above formula will be established when the face receiving the light of the flash remote controller is aiming mutually at the illuminating face of the signal flasher and when the two are on a same level).
    Structure (A flasher standard socket is seated at the top part with a fixed nut on the bottom surface)

    Suitable for all flash units using universal hot-shoe like Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Olypus, Pentax
    Note: This adapter doesn't fit CANON TTL flash (example 580EX/EXII 430EX/EXII) as well as Sony and Minolta flash
    Weight: 20g
    Size: 2.8cm*2.7cm*2.5cm

  • 3 Months Store Warranty Covering Manufacturing Defects ONLY.
    Kindly proceed to store during operating hours to test before purchasing.

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