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Mini tripod, Selfie, is not only very helpful to capture moments of photography, but also can hold the camera steady
It is very comfortable while folding the legs and can capture every angle for HD video camera filming
Suitable for a variety of places and applicable to all brands of mobile phones and micro cameras
For standard tripod mounting hole (1/4 screw holes ) digital camera
Applicable phone models : suitable for Apple iPhone series, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry, ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo, for Sony, LG and other mobile phone (purchase before make sure your phone width is within the 53mm-8mm inside)

Yunteng YT-228 Mini Table Tripod

  • Tripod: 
    1. It has a panoramic rotation of 360 ° 
    2. There is a switch which can fix the panoramic rotation angle which makes the clip, the camera/ phone and even the selfie stick more stable. 
    3. Unique mirror design, self-timer and more comfortable. 
    4. For standard tripod mounting hole (1/4 screw holes) digital camera. 
    5. Material rugged, micro-single phone DV machine in the above stability, is not worried. 
    6. And normal tripod like to have some stability even single micro / card camera, long exposure shooting night problem is not large. 

    Phone holder: 
    1. The bracket is very small and convenient, suitable for (53mm - 80mm) wide use of mobile phones, mobile phone cards free to adjust the bit width, easy to operate. 
    2. The slot has a padded sides and front , two-tier (Most products in the market only have one) strengthen sponge clamps to prevent falling love machine forward , effective non-slip. 
    3. Let your phone can easily take pictures from the phone to shake the self-timer shot becomes steady beat, in the digital sector can also take high -quality photos and images. 

    Material ABS PA Material 
    Camera Interface Universal 1/4 Screw 
    Net Weight About 200g (without phone holder clip) 
    Supported Max Weight About 0.5KG 
    Front Elevation -35 degree/+35 degree 
    Applicable Models Mobile phones, micro-single, digital cameras 
    Length 18.5cm (without phone holder clip) 
    Phone Holder 
    Material Plastic+Metals+Silica 
    Tensile Width 5.3-8cm 
    Screw Mouth Universal 1/4 Screw Port 

    1x YunTeng YT-228 Mini Tripod 
    1x Mobile Phone Holder Clip

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