Insta360's action camera lineup includes the ONE series (ONE, ONE X, ONE R and ONE X2) and the Insta360 GO. The ONE series uses 360 technology to create traditional flat video results by "reframing" the 360 video, allowing the editor to pick their angle in post-production.They also all share "FlowState Stabilization" Insta360's proprietary image stabilization technology.


Insta360 One X

The ONE X is more than a 360-degree shooter. It’s a new kind of camera that uses 360 to give users more freedom and more creative possibilities – both during and after capture.

Combining an unlimited field of view with gimbal-level stabilization and new high-FPS shooting modes, the ONE X unlocks the ability to control time and perspective in ways that make it feel more like a fleet of cameras than a single device.

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