LED Video Light Panels (Large)

Large LED light panels have an advantage not only because they need less energy to offer the same amount of light (LEDs convert 90% of their energy into light, while tungsten only achieves between 10 and 20%, transforming the rest in heat). LEDs are also better when it comes to photographing people or sensitive materials—like food, for example—because you can place them closer to your subject without having to worry about the heat making it uncomfortable for the person being photographed, or reheating the dish being photographed. 

LED Video Light Panels (Small)

These small LED light panels can be mounted on any standard hot shoe on most DSLR or digital video cameras, tripods and light stands equipped with a hot shoe mount or 1/4-inch thread. With a small light panel, you can see how much light is needed while your are putting the scene together and to adjust as necessary. This way, you can get an idea of what you need right away instead of having a lot of trial and error along the way. 

LED Video Light Panels (Portable) *Built in Battery

Although the three-point lighting set up is the ideal way to film an interview, it is not always possible to carry a full lighting kit when you are a mobile filmmaker. The best solution to this problem is to carry with you some portable lighting. LED lights also have the advantage of portable battery power. This makes them great for location filming where you don’t have access to mains power.

LED Video Ring Lights

LED ring lights are able to produce continuous lighting, they're perfect for all kinds of videography. This makes them the preferred light for many vloggers, YouTubers and content creators – particularly those who produce makeup and beauty tutorials. Ring lights are also invaluable for our working from home 'new normal' world, making them great companions for the best webcams. When taking part in meetings or attending job interviews via apps like Zoom and Skype, ring lights turn dim makeshift office spaces into professional-looking work environments.

LED Macro Ring Lights

LED ring lights are able to produce continuous lighting, they're perfect for all kinds of videography. Whether you're looking for beautiful portrait illumination, flawless video light, or you simply want to maintain a professional image when attending virtual meetings, there are the best ring lights around – and if you want to shoot a different kind of close-up