Film Developing Tanks

People use developing tanks with special film reels to develop film rolls or sheets. After loading your film on the reel, you place it in a film developing tank with the chemistry mixture to develop. Most tanks have instructions for the proper amount of developing chemicals for specific film formats. The reel locks onto a center post, and chemicals mix consistently during the process to ensure the film gets a thorough coat. Using film developing tanks with darkroom print washers and dryers helps you develop your film from start to finish.

Mixing/Measuring Equipments

These mixing equipments are specially shaped for efficient stirring and the chemical mixer incorporates a particle crusher. It is invaluable when making up solutions either from liquid concentrates or from dry powdered chemicals or when you need the exact volume for measuring your chemicals.


It’s best to get your water to the right temperature before you prepare your chemistry. If your chemistry is warmer or cooler than it should be once mixed, just sit your jug in warm water to heat it up or cold water to cool it down. Thermometers are a great help in getting the perfect temperature to get you started on your film developing.