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The pick-up pattern of the built-in microphone on camcorders and DSLR cameras is omni-directional, meaning that it picks up all sounds in every direction equally, no matter which direction you point the camera. The SGM-990 is a 6″ long directional, or “zoom” microphone with 2 switchable sound pick-up patterns, "Long" and "Short." Use "Long" to focus on your sound source or pick up sound from a distance. Use "Short" for when your sound source is close or covers a broader field. Both settings will provide rejection of unwanted sound from the sides and the back. The SGM-990 has a working range of 20-40 feet, uses 1 “AAA” battery, and comes with a windscreen and shoe mount microphone clip.

Azden SGM 990 (Hotshoe Shotgun Microphone)

    • Handcrafted in Japan
    • Designed for high performance DSLR cameras
    • Directional zoom microphone w/ 2 switchable pick-up patterns
    • "Long" for super-cardioid and "Short" for cardioid
    • Provides focused sound pick up with excellent side noise rejection
    • Wide frequency response
    • Powered by single AAA battery
    • 3.5mm mini-plug output
    • Comes with shock mount and windscreen
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