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The TRD-Beholder 3-Axis Stabilizer is designed for GoPro Hero cameras. The stabilizer gives non-professional users the ability to create professional looking video. The stabilizer’s gimbal will eliminate unwanted camera movements and vibrations. Such as shaky hands, and footsteps. The small size of the stabilizer makes it the prefect tool for capturing, family gatherings, sporting events, documentary, and behind-the-scenes.

Beholder 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer for GoPro

  • Specification:

    • Height: 235mm
    • Width: 100mm
    • Depth: 89mm
    • Weight(with batteries): 390g
    • Weight(without batteries): 324g

    Maximum Supported Weight:

    • Camera: 200g

    Maximum Offset:

    • On Pan: 355 degrees
    • On tilt: 355 degrees, ±180 degrees during work
    • On roll: 355 degrees, ±60 degrees during work


    • Power Supply: Build-in Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Batteries
    • 3 PCS 3.7v 18350 850mah

    Operation Time:

    • 90-150 minutes
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