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Height : 550mm x Width : 300mm x Depth : 190mm

Material : PVC

Weight : 2.04kg

Capacity : 1 Drone + 1 DSLR + 1 Lens + Accessories

Eirmai Drone Bag


    Eirmai DJ310B is a custom backpack designed to accommodate a drone in the size range of DJI's Phantom quadcopter. Along with the drone, it will hold various accessories, including controller (transmitter), flight batteries, charger, GoPro or other flight camera, and more. On top there is a separate compartment for a DSLR or compact video camera along with two lenses. While in the case, the quadcopter's propellers will have to be removed. For a faster turnaround, you can mount the quadcopter externally and leave to propellers attached.

    - Designed to carry DJI Phantom or similar-size quadcopter with accessories

    - Water-resistant, lightweight construction

    - Top compartment for DSLR or compact video camera along with a lens

    - Exterior tripod holder

    - Open front zip to carry quadcopter with propellers still attached – ideal for quick location changes

    - Dedicated space for laptop or tablet up to 17" in size

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