The Fujica Half was launched in 1963, in response to the extremely popular Olympus PEN half frame cameras. The Canon Demi, another Japanese half frame, was launched the same year as the Fujica Half, with a similar body design and features. These half frame cameras were mainly designed for the point-and-shoot audience, and they all had some degree of automation, and built-in selenium or CDS meters. All three competitors featured light, compact, stylish bodies, and solid metal construction. Half frame cameras weren’t a new invention in the 1960s, but the high expense of color film (vs. B+W) back then made the film economy of 72 frames on a standard roll of film very attractive indeed. The smaller negative size makes the pictures from a half frame camera slightly grainier than a full frame 35mm camera, but not significantly so on standard prints (enough for snapshots, and far better than 110 film). They all sold extremely well in the early 1960s, which is why you can find them almost everywhere. There are a few half-frame oddities, but most of the Japanese models are pretty common, and thus inexpensive to buy today.


Shutter: Seikosha-L 1/30-1/300 +B

Lens: Fujinon 28mm f/2.8, 5 elements, coated, filter thread 22.5mm

Focus: Zone Focus, with close focusing to a little under 2 feet (about 0.7m)

Aperture: f/2.8 – f/22 full click stops

Operation: a Selenium Auto mode that selects a coupled aperture and shutter combo. (Full manual control of aperture and shutter possible.)

Wind: Single stroke top-mounted lever.

Flash Sync: Yes, standard X plug. Cold shoe only.

Picture size: ‘Half-Frame’ 12x18mm, 72 pictures from a standard 135/36 film.


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Fujica Half Frame Compact Rangefinder (used)


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