The Fuji GX680 is a series of single lens reflex system cameras for medium format film produced by Fujifilm with interchangeable camera lenses and interchangeable film holders for the unusual film format 6×8cm on 120 and 220 roll film. The distinguishing feature of the Fuji GX680 is the articulating front standard, which runs on a rail connecting lens and camera body by a bellows; the interchangeable lens is permanently mounted to a lens board. In contrast to competing medium-format cameras, e.g. Mamiya RB67 and RZ67 and Rolleiflex SL66, for some models of the Fuji GX680 the front standard can be shifted right, left, up and down for perspective control, and the front standard can also be tilted on horizontal and vertical axes to control depth of field using the Scheimpflug principle. Therefore the Fuji GX680 has many of the same camera movements of a large format view camera, only limited by restricted motions of the front standard and a fixed rear standard, making the camera also suitable for architectural photography. The Fuji GX680 has quite large physical dimensions for a medium-format camera, but compared to the typical monorail/studio large-format camera, the Fuji GX680 is more compact. Although the Fuji GX680 was designed for studio work due to its size and weight, a neck-strap was offered for mobile work.


Body SN: ***6001 / Lens SN: ***6005 / 120 Back SN: ***6051
Condition: Like New (LN)
Warranty: No Warranty/ Sold As It Is

 What You Will Get
 - Front Cap
 - Original GX680 Strap

 - Fujifilm 120 Back

 - Fujifilm original Polaroid Back

 - Fujifilm Strap Mount


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Fujifilm GX680II Professional + EBC FUJINON GX 125㎜ F5.6 (used)


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