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GoPro Car (or Glass Surface) Mounting Accessories.

The Triple Suction Cup Mount works well on surfboards, longboards, stand-up paddleboards
(SUPs), prone paddleboards, kayaks, wind surfers, kite boards, boats, jetskis, cars, trucks,
motorcycles, even airplanes! The unique triple-point attachment system design allows for
installation on most smooth curved surfaces as well.

Triple Suction Cup Mount are crafted from materials of the highest quality, and are designed for
harsh marine environments. Hardware is made from corrosion free polymers and stainless steels
to provide long lasting performance. Triple Suction Cup Mount Mounting Feet are formulated
using a proprietary rubber compound. The aluminum Mounting Head is machined from aircraft
grade alloys and anodized for protection.

The new and improved Mounting Head design allows
nearly 180 degrees of camera movement and is fully threaded – no acorn nuts to lose, no tools

GoPro Tri Suction Cap With Mounting (Car to GoPro)

    • Change Boards / Sporting Equipment Quickly and Easily
    • Use on cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, etc.
    • Move Your Camera Around with
    • Removable Mounting Head
    • No Tools Required
    • Corrosion free materials
    • Superior suction and strength
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