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Function for 360°  turn and lock
For GoPro Wrist Housing direction adjustable wrist strap diving
Color: Black
Compatible with: Gopro Hero1 / Hero2 / Hero3 /Hero 3+
Easy to carry, simple installation, let you fondle admiringly. Whatever you want to shoot the scene, there is always a GoPro fixed support can help you achieve your dream. 

Wear your camera or should be fixed on the device, can capture footage of the scene of the most exciting moment.
Need to be removed, use hair dryer to heat adhesive, and then from the fixed bracket on the adhesive base separating them.

Powerful adhesive fixed to ensure safety. Adjustable Wrist Strap.

Very suitable for surfboard, kayak and paddle surfing board, equipment for the boat deck

Packing include:
1 x 360° Rotary Hand Strap

GoPro Wrist Mount Strap (360° lock)

  • Material : Polyester

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