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Suitable for Photo Studio, Video Shoot lighting.

HPUSN Light Stand

  • Lightstand 2.2m HP-CX2204FP (Shortest)

    • Min. Height (folded height) 700mm
    • Max. Height 2200mm
    • Product weight 1.6kg
    • Standard load 3kg
    • External feet distance 730mm
    • Internal feet distance 415mm
    • Middle tube diameter 19/22.4/26/29.5mm
    • 4 extensions

    Lightstand 2.8m HP-CX2804FP

    • Min. Height (folded height) 820mm
    • Max height 2800mm
    • Product weight 1.65kg
    • Standard load 3kg
    • External feet distance 930mm
    • Middle tube diameter 19/22.4/26/29.5

    Lightstand 2.8m HP-X2800FP

    • Min height 880mm
    • Max height 2900mm
    • Product weight 2kg
    • Standard load 8kg

    Lightstand 3.2m HP-CX3204FP 

    • Min height 910mm
    • Max height 3200mm
    • Product weight 1.9kg
    • Standard load 5kg

    Lightstand 4.0m HP-4000FP 

    • Min height 1190mm
    • Max height 3930mm
    • Product weight 2.44kg
    • Standard load 8kg


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