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JJC BP Series External Flash Battery Pack are designed for photographers making use of flash extensively. The battery pack is a high performance battery pack that reduces recycling time and increases flash capacity. Moreover, just by replacing connecting cords, it will work with different brands of flashes, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, etc. You can install four or eight AA-type batteries in the pack to ensure a stable power supply for your flash, and can get a greatly increased number of flashes and a shortened recycling time. The battery pack is equipped with a 1/4"-20 screw, allowing you to mount it onto the tripod socket of your camera. The included soft case protects the battery pack from accidental impact and allows you to attach the battery pack to your belt for a more convenient use.


- Works with a vast array of different flashes (including Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax)--just change the connecting cable for the correct flash

- Option to use 4 or 8 AA Alkaline, Lithium or Ni-MH batteries at a time

-  Greatly increases the number of flashes and reducing recycling time

- With 1/4-20" screw to attach the battery pack to your camera bottom or other places

- Includes a carrying case 

- Compact and lightweight


Suitable Flashes : 



Canon 600EX II-RT /600EX-RT / 580EX II / 580EX / 550EX / 540EZ / 430EZ / MR-14EX / MT-24EX

Nissin Di866 for Canon / Di866 Mark II for Canon / MG8000 for Canon




Nikon SB-910 / SB-900 / SB-5000

Nissin Di866 for Nikon / Di866 Mark II for Nikon / MG8000 for Nikon

JJC BP Series External Flash Battery Pack (BP-NK1/BP-CA1)

  • Package Includes: 

    Battery pack x 1

    Connecting cord x 1

    Soft case x 1

    1/4"-20 screw x 1

    Gasket x 1

    Instruction manual x 1



  • Item sold is non-exchangeable nor refundable 

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