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The Leica M1 35 mm SLR film camera was introduced in 1959 and produced in an extremely limited run of 9,431 units before its discontinuation in 1964. Instead of a rangefinder, the Leica M1 has a parallax-corrected viewfinder displaying 35 mm and 50 mm frames. Designed for accessibility, simple functionality, and great value for money, the Leica M1 is a versatile camera that can be used for general photography or more specialist applications, such as in combination with a telescope. Other features of this camera include manual focus and exposure, a Leica M-mount lens, and a standard accessory flash shoe with separate bulb and electronic connectors.



SN: ****045

Condition: Excellent (EX)

Warranty: No warranty, sold as it is


What You Will Get

- Body Cap


Our Policy

All products sold are strictly non-refundable and non-exchangeable unless otherwise stated. Do come by our store during operating hours should you have further enquiries.

Leica M1 Film Rangefinder (used)

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