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Camera wireless remote control shutter release MK-RC6 will use the new micro electron anti-jamming technology and the shutter timing control system, realizes many kinds of photography functions for yours camera.

To control single-frame, continuous-frame and bulb mode, support 3 seconds delay shoot and the group racket function. The receiver can use without battery, just use it like wired shutter release controller to focusing, shutter and B model.

Meike Wireless Remote Switch MK-RC6

  • Types of control  Frequency 433MHz, four digit code available
     Transmitter Size  (LxWxH) 80x25x18mm
     Receiver Size  (LxWxH) 50x40x30mm (included hot shoe)
     Battery  Transmitter 23A, Receiver  Cr2
     Battery Life  Approximately to use 1000 time within support area.
     Transmission Ranges  Approximately 100 meters (under spacious non disturbance environment)
     Whole Set Net Weight  80g (included batteries)
     PU Lines  Approximately 50cm
  • 3 Months Store Warranty Covering Manufacturing Defects ONLY.
    Kindly proceed to store during operating hours to test before purchasing

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