The taking lens is a Chiyoko Rokkor f=75mm 1:3.5 on a Optiper MVL shutter, B position and from 1 to 1/500 sec.
The viewing lens is a View Rokkor f=75mm 1:3.2.
The viewfinder is equiped with an inner mirror, a frosted glass with border lines and a Fresnel lens under the frosted glass.
A rabatable lens allows to adjust the focus point.
A square hole serves to take picts of objects in action. It is called the sport viewer.
Focus lever at the bottom of the front side, scale from 1 meter to infinity.
Lever to adjust the aparture : from 3.5 to 22, display above the viewing lens.
Lever to adjust the shutter speed : position B then from 1 to 1/500th sec,
display above the viewing lens.
Shutter speeds display : B   1  2  4  8  15  30  60  125  250  500 
Lone EV scale around the taking lens.
Flash synchronization : M - X.
Shutter trigger provided with a safety, can welcome a standard flexible trigger.
Socket for connection of a satellite flash, working with male PC flash cord.
Cold shoe tie for accessory (flash or lightmeter).
Ties with rectangular groove for fastening leather case clips.
Crank to arm the shutter and to automaticaly advance the film.
Depth of field board on the right hand side.
Porthole for view counter display.
Porthole showing wether the device is armed (only works when a film is involved).
Button for multi-exposure.
" CHIYOKO " logo on the viewfinder cap.
" Minolta AUTOCORD " label on top of the front side.
Serial number above this label.
Both lenses have their own serial number.
Film format : 120
Size of views : 5.6 x 5.6 cm
Dimensions : 98 x 97 x 143 mm
Weigh : 960 g.


Product ($599)
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Condition: Like New (LN)
Warranty: No Warranty 

What You Will Get 
- Lens Cap
- Strap Lugs


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*SOLD* Minolta Autocord RG I 120 Twin Lens Reflex Camera (used)


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