The XG-E is considerably bigger but lighter than the recent cameras like the XE or SR-T series. It has a center-weighted metering system with two CdS cells and a matte-fresnel-field focusing screen with a horizontal split-image spot surrounded by a microprism field. The viewfinder shows the automatic shutter times from 1s to 1/1000s via LEDs. in manual mode the LED does not show the metered shutter time. In automatic mode the camera blocks the shutter if the triangular overexposure LEDs (at the top end of the LED sacle) indicate a shutter time shorter than 1/1000s. The shutter dial shows the manual times from 1s to 1/1000s, B and A for aperture priority and it allows the ASA setting. In order to override the automatic chosen speed, the dial can be turned so that "A" faces a number between -2 and +2 in full stops. The back with a memory holder and a DIN/ASA conversion scale is interchangeable with the later available Data Back G. The bottom of the camerea has coupling for the Winder G, introduced with the camera. The main power switch has a self timer setting, which delays the shutter actuation for approximately 10 seconds. A red light on the front flashes until the shutter fires. The same light is used for the B.C. (battery check) setting of the main switch. The flash shoe is the same as with the XD series and has a second small contact. This contact synchronizes the camera with a dedicated Minolta X-Flash like the Auto Electroflash 200X. In A mode with powered-up flash in the shoe, the camera automatically sets the shutter time to 1/60s and the blinking LED serves as a flash ready signal. Besides the X-contact in the flash shoe, it has a flash terminal at the lens bayonet. Next to it is a socket for an electronic cable release like Remote Cord S or L or a mechanical cable release. The camera doesn't have a stop-down button.


Aperture priority and manual mode

The Minolta XG-E is a dual-mode camera. It has an aperture-priority mode "A" which obviously is metered. Metering is done by depressing the shutter button halfway. The shutter speed then selected by the camera is shown in the viewfinder by a red LED. In the "A" mode you can "force" the camera to under- or overexpose your pictures by up to two stops. In situations requiring too fast a shutterspeed, faster than 1/1000s, the camera will not fire to prevent overexposure. This is indicated by a red triangle in the viewfinder. Stop down the lens until a shutter speed is shown and you're ready to shoot again.


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- Body Cap

- Strap Lugs


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Minolta XG-E Film SLR Silver (used)


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