- Die-cast aluminum alloy body
- Nikon F-mount
- Focal-plane shutter with vertical travel
- Highest X-sync 1/125 - actually 1/100 when tested on a shutter tester - all - earlier Copal Square shutters are this way
- Automatic M-X switching, below 1/250, camera is in X-sync mode, above 1/250, camera is in M-sync mode
- Shutter speeds 1-1/1000 in full stops plus bulb. Set at the base of the lens mount similar to the early Olympus OMs
- Fixed hot shoe and threaded PC terminal on the body
- ASA scale 12-1600, set by pulling lock on shutter speed adjustment tab outward, then sliding index back and forth
- TTL full aperture 60/40% centerweighted center-needle metering in the viewfinder
- Light meter cadmium sulfide powered by a 1.5 Volt Silver Oxide Battery (S76/SR44)
- Nikon Type K focusing screen (split image/micro prism/matte); can be had with Type A screen (split-image/matte)
- Depth-of-field preview
- Mirror lockup
- Self timer
- Weight 880g
- Dimensions 148mm × 95mm × 54mm

SN: ***6675 ($149)
Condition: Excellent
Warranty: No Warranty 


SN: ***2225 ($199)
Condition: Excellent
Warranty: No Warranty 

What You Will Get 
- Body Cap

Nikon Nikomat FT2 Film SLR (used)


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