A special application Nikkor lens debuted during Photokina, 1978. A few things relating to the Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4.0 IF lens were quite unusual. It was the first lens within the micro-Nikkor lens family that employed a n Internal Focus system (IF). The IF design provides an exceptional smoothness during focusing operation. It was also the first to incorporate an rotatable tripod collar which is removable. The lens barrel does not move as it rotates which makes the lens ideal for shooting many photographic subjects that demands no-interuption and/or requiring calculation on artificial illumination on exposures. It has a handy telescopic lens hood which provides a good shades in backlit situations.


The lovely to work close-up telephoto lens has a narrower angle of view than other MF Micro-Nikkor lenses and this has enable the lens be an ideal all round telephoto lens to cover general photography such as isolating details in scenic, nature or even action photography as well. The biggest advantage provides by this lens is the generous working distance which stands at 0.71 m (2.34 ft.) in which its highest magnification ratio of 1:2 (half life-size) is reached. Such feature is very useful for a wide varieties of applications in particular to shoot hazardous subjects and/or if a flash is required to freeze subject movement or even fill-in shadow details. The constant front to subject distance facilitates easier exposure calculation and the non-rotating front section of the lens is even more useful if a special effect filter is used. Needs not mention, the focal length of 200mm also provides a natural perspective without much distortion if detail or close-up of is required.


The main drawback is its maximum lens aperture of f/4.0 which makes it less appealing as an ultimate substitution as an telephoto lens for shooting low available light photography. The lens provides half life size magnification ratio (1:2) at its closest focusing distance at 0.71 m (2.34 ft. ) but when used with a Nikon Teleconverter TC-300 (or TC-301), 1:1 life size reproduction is possible. Besides, when used with the respective TCs, the minimum focusing distance remains unchanged even though magnification ratio is increased. Another good design of this lens is its standard attachment size of 52mm which makes it easily adaptable to many standard 52mm lens accessories. The lens has a rather long life cycle which lasted until May, 1982 where it was updated with an Ai-S lens coupling specification; however, the new version has a slightly heavier weight in 880g as compared to 740g in this Ai version but its optical composition has literally remained unchanged.


Focal length/Aperture: 200mm f/4 IF
Lens construction: 9 elements in 6 groups
Picture angle: 12° 20'; Diaphragm: Automatic
Aperture scale: f/4 - f/32 on both standard and aperture-direct- readout scale

Exposure measurement: Via full aperture method; meter coupling ridge provided for Al camera and meter coupling shoe for non-Ai cameras
Distance scale: Graduated in meters and feet from 0.71 m (2.34 ft.) to infinity (oo)
Weight: 740g; Dimensions: 67mm dia. x 180mm long (overall); 172mm extension from flange
Attachment size: 52mm (P = 0.75); Front lens cap: Snap-on
Lens hood: Built-in; Lens case: CL-36 * Rotatable/Removable tripod collar provided


Product ($499)
SN: **4263
Condition: Like New (LN)
Warranty: 2 weeks shop warranty, covering manufactural defects 

What You Will Get 
- Front Cap
- Rear Cap

- Original Tripod Collar


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Nikon 200mm F4 Micro Ai (used)


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