- This Nikon Nikkor Ai-S 400mm f/3.5 ED IF telephoto lens excels at photographing distant action using available light. It is ideal for sports and wildlife photography, and it is also a great choice for fashion shows, theatrical productions, and breaking news. One of the features that's very useful when things are happening quickly is the focusing ring that can be pre-set. You can focus on a particular place on a sports field, a fashion runway, or a spot in a crowd and peg that focus setting. Then you resume taking other photos, and when the action returns to that spot, you can quickly turn the ring until it clicks into the preset position, ready to take a perfectly focused picture.The large maximum aperture of f/3.5 on this Nikon lens lets you take great photos in low-light conditions. Combined with a fast 35mm film, it is an ideal choice for photographing indoor sports. In brighter lighting conditions, you can adjust the aperture down to a minimum of f/22. The Nikon f/3.5 lens also has a built-in hood to let you counter the effects of extreme light. If you want to use a filter to overcome situational conditions or just to create special effects, you have two options. This Nikon Nikkor Ai-S 400mm f/3.5 ED IF lens has a rear drawer that can accept 39mm screw-in filters, or you can attach 122mm filters to the front.

SN: **1826
Condition: Excellent
Warranty: 2 weeks shop warranty, covering manufactural defects 

What You Will Get 
- Rear Cap

Nikon 400mm f3.5 ED AIS


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