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It is taller, wider than the stock landing gear. These landing gears fit on all Phantom versions (Phantom 1/2/vision). It will provide enough ground clearance for not only Zenmuse H3-2D gimbals, but also many other bigger gimbals, such as the Tarot T-2D. The curved design and extra ground clearance serve as a safety buffer in case you have a hard landing. In addition, the new landing gear is wider. When you shoot videos with the stock landing gear, the gear always comes into the corner of the video. With this wider skid, no more legs showing in the video when flying aggressively.




35mm taller than the stock landing gear

80mm wider than the stock landing gear

51 grams without screws (stock gear is 40grams without screws)

Color: White

Total weight: 70g / 2.5oz


Package List: 1 X Pair of Tall Landing Gears

OEM Phantom 3 Landing Gear Replacement (tall)

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