135mm can be considered as a medium range tele-lense within the telephoto group and they will project these unique optical effects in a middle-of-the-road way while not overpowering them. These lenses are designed to be easy to use and handle and usually they are equipped with a good usable lense speed to make them an all round optic for available light photography. The Zuiko lense family does not provides a fast speed 135mm f/2.0 version but there are two alternatives with a moderately fast lens speed, E-Zuiko AUTO-T 135mm f/2.8 and a slower E-Zuiko AUTO-T 135mm f/3.5 lense for consideration. The two normal ZUIKO telephoto lenses are designed and made extremely compact and portable. Optically, both have remained unchanged in their optical formulas since the days of introduction except in the case of lense coating process and/or minor cosmetic changes that may have been improved over the years. The last of version for the Zuiko AUTO-T 135mm f/2.8 carries a "MC" designation in the lens data which began shipping back in 1977/8 while the Zuiko AUTO-T 135mm f/3.5 has such update started probably between 1983/1984.


This focal length is often considered the first true telephoto. It achieves very noticeable depth of field effects. Olympus has two 135mm telephoto lenses ever since the very early OM system was introduced. Although it shares many common features with the slower Zuiko counterpart of E-Zuiko 135mm f/3.5, the E-Zuiko 135mm f/2.8 which has a faster lense speed, a fine performance and easy handling has made it a favorite first telephoto lense among the many OM photographers all these years.

Other than cosmetic differences it may has, the older version and newer ones share a similar optical formula with their 5 elements in 5 groups design. To cater for a more demanding light gathering power at f/2.8, this Zuiko lense has a considerably larger filter attachment size at 55mm instead of the OM standard 49mm filter thread. The minimum f-stop fro this lense is f/22 which is useful for maximum depth of field control, inparticularly when you intend to maximize its unique compression of perspective control. With a telephoto ratio of 0.88 - its body length measures at 80mm, focuses down to minimum distance of 1.5m (4.9 ft) and weighs 360g (12.7oz). Designed for maximum handling ease with a good compromise ratio between practical speed and affordability which has make this lense a highly desirable telephoto lense. An added advantage is, it was equipped with a built-in retractable telescopic-type of lense hood which eliminates the need of carrying an extra filter accessory. With a compatibleTele-converter such as 2X-A , this lense may be able to extend as a 270mm f/5.6 lense.


Older version: E-Zuiko AUTO-T 135mm f/2.8
Current version: Zuiko AUTO-T 135mm f/2.8
Lens construction: 5 groups, 5 elements
Angles of view: Diagonal: 18°
Distance scale: (m) 1.5m to infinity (OO)
Focusing: Straight Helicoid

Minimum and Maximum aperture: f/22 ~ f/2.8
Minimum photographic range: 32cm x 21cm

Diaphragm: Automatic
Filter size: 55mm
Lens Hood: Built-in
Maximum Length: 80mm
Maximum diameter: 61mm
Weight: 360g (12.7 oz)


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Olympus 135mm F2.8 E.Zuiko Auto-T Silver Nosed OM (used)


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