When boils down to real life practicality, the slower lens speed 24mm f/2.8 lense is even more appealing to a larger group pf users because most often, affordability does influenced an investment decision. With the ever improving quality and film speed of modern film types, I think most people can live without an extra f-stop gain in maximum aperture as long an equivalent high performing optic is there to make a comparison in cost. In such case, Zuiko 24mm f/2.8 fits such a demanding requirement and expectation from users and it is a Zuiko best seller at 24mm focal length.


The lense is a cheaper and lighter alternative to the Zuiko f/2.0 counterpart. It offers similar super wide-angle characteristic. It produces sharp, high contrast images with minimal flare even shooting in unfavourable lighting (such as backlit scenes) which makes this extremely compact Zuiko optical gem a favorite lense for ultra-wideangle photography. It terms of size and weight - this Zuiko wideangle is one of the lightest and most compact in its class.


Other than its underlying strength in size, weight and be able to deliver top class image quality, perhaps price plays the most important element which contributes to its wide spread popularity than other Zuiko 24mm lenses. This highly portable Zuiko ultra-wide is almost halved in price over the comparing 24mm f/2.0 equivalent (retailed new at a list price between USD290.00-320.00 (Used/mint: USD220.00-250.00) while the 24mm f/2.0 has a list price (new) between the range of USD680.00 -755.00)* which makes it an even more logical alternative 24mm ultrawide in particular to most leisure photographers. Optically, this retrofocus Zuiko 24mm f/2.8 wideangle lense consists of 8 elements in 7 groups design and matches in its close focusing ability as the f/2.0 counterpart down to 0.25m (0.8 ft) and it merely weighs 180g as compared to 275g of the f/2.0 ! Well, generally, as OM 35mm system components as a whole is a very compact photographic system and it makes little sense to complaint anything about in relation to the portability factor this lense provides.


The overall compactness contributes the use of standard OM 49mm filters and enables a wider compatibility with other filter-attached OM system accessories. Combining its moderately fast maximum lens speed and 84° wide picture angle, making it a good lense for handling interiors, location and scenery shooting. It is a good all round and multi-purpose Zuiko wideangle lense.


In terms of lense handling, as most of the key elements adopting a standard OM lense configuration, most OM users should be feel at home in easily picking up all its control/features and applying to their photography. Despite the wide filed of view the lense generates, the strong rendition of perspective can be controlled quite easily. But more importantly, other than including a wider scope of background information with its wide angle of view, photographically, this lense will still permit the photographer to maintain a close visual relationship with the subject he intends to shoot - an element useful for photojournalism, reportage or news photography. Although it may not be a perfect lense as with other moderate wideangle falls on 28mm or 35mm for shooting PR photography as edges of the frame may projects some form of streching distortion to human figures. Generally, among the many possible complementary elements in a typical good picture, for an example people, surrounding and the environment can be easily established in a photograph with a lense type such as the 24mm Nikkor. Here, depth of field again becomes an important element in bringing together the components within an image. As all MF Zuiko lenses have great physical design in their handling and equally excellent illustrations of secondary visual aid for photographer such as DOF scales, making lenses at 24mm focal length an even more practical wideangle in their assignments. The depth of field scales are in particular useful for quick visual reference to determine selection of aperture values to suit individual needs.


Focal length: 24mm
Lens construction: 7 groups, 8 elements
Angles of view: Diagonal: 84°
Distance scale: (m) 0.25m to infinity (OO)
Focusing: Helicoid
Apertures & Minimum photographic range: f/16 - f/2.8; 24cm x 16cm
Diaphragm: Automatic
Filter size: 49mm
Length: 31mm
Weight: 185g (6.5 oz) (Older version weighs at 180g (6.3oz)


Product ($99) SN: **3964 (Cleaning Marks and Slight Scratches in front)
Condition: Good (GD)
Warranty: Sold As It Is


Product ($299) SN: **2641
Condition: Good (GD)
Warranty: 2 weeks shop warranty, covering manufactural defects


Product ($349) SN: **0559
Condition: Excellent (EX)
Warranty: 2 weeks shop warranty, covering manufactural defects


Product ($379) SN: **1248
Condition: Excellent (EX)
Warranty: 2 weeks shop warranty, covering manufactural defects


Product ($399) SN: **0967
Condition: Like New (LN)
Warranty: 2 weeks shop warranty, covering manufactural defects
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Olympus 24mm F2.8 H.Zuiko Auto-W Silver Nosed OM (used)


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