Physically, this lense is extremely compact, with an overall length measuring merely at 32mm and it is equally light weight at 170 grams - making it one of the lightest Zuiko wideangle lense around. It uses a retrofocus construction and according to Olympus, it was being designed with lense edges to trap potential flare before it reaches the film. This highly portable lense is particularly convenient when traveling and/or for shooting on location. In particular appealing to photographer is its wide field of vision in combination with its size, weight and good lense speed offer. In relation to its popularity, I 'd loved to think its timely introduction amidst all the new OM camera models being introduced at the time and the modest entry cost were part of many reasons why this lense was once so popular among OMers.


Composed of 6 air-spaced elements, the very well-made Zuiko 28mm f/2.8 lense has, over the years established a fine reputation among OM photographers with its high contrast, faithful reproduction of colours and high resolving power capability. A good point to note is, although in most cases, wideangle lenses have extended depth of field in their optical nature, but it is the only Zuiko 28mm wideangle that can stop down to a minimum aperture of f/22 instead of f/16 for even greater control of depth of field. Unfortunately, the close range correction optical system was not being used in its design, if not - it should even present a greater value !


Lense: Zuiko Auto MC 28mm f/2.8
Focal length: 28mm
Optical construction: 6 elements in 6 groups
Angle of view: Diagonal: 75°
Distance Scale: (m) 0.3 (1 ft) to infinity (OO)

Minimum photographic range: 18cm x 27cm (7.0" x 10.6")
Focusing: Straight Helicoid
Maximum & Minimum aperture range: f/2.8 - f/22
Diaphragm: Automatic
Filter Size. 49mm
Length: 32mm

Weight: 170g (6.0oz)
Filter attachment size/Filters: 49mm screw-in


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Warranty: 2 weeks shop warranty, covering manufactural defects


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Condition: Excellent (EX)

Warranty: 2 weeks shop warranty, covering manufactural defects

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Olympus 28mm F2.8 Zuiko MC Auto-W Black Nosed OM (used)


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