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The capable, but simple, Pen and Pen S cameras were so popular that Olympus decided to come out with an upgraded version in 1962. The Pen D is basically a more advanced model of the Pen/Pen S. It managed to keep the same tiny body size as the original Pen, but it added a meter (built into the body), a much faster, six-element lens, and a much wider range of shutter speeds. Now the Pen sports a focusing 32mm (f1.9 - 16.0) lens with click-stops at four and ten foot settings. Closest focusing was 2.6 feet. Shutter speeds were increased to B, 1/8 - 1/500. A flash shoe was not built-in, but a flash bracket was available (and probably came with every camera). The new, built-in meter was a selenium type, with a little EV-needle readout window on the top of the camera. Film speeds from 10 - 400. To use, just point the camera at the subject and transfer the EV number to the scale on the lens -- or set the f-stop and shutter speed manually. As with most EV lenses, the shutter speed dial and the f-stop dial are thin and right next to each other -- but going in opposite directions. Once you've dialed in the correct EV from the meter, this setup allows you to change the shutter speed and f-stop quickly by grabbing both dials together, and turning in either direction. Turning them one-way increases the shutter speed and opens up the lens -- at the same time -- and in perfect proportion. The camera also managed to fit in a PC contact, cable release socket and tripod socket into the diminutive camera body.  The accessory filter thread size was changed to 43mm -- not 43.5mm as with previous Pen cameras.  Although the Pen D was discontinued in 1966, it showed Olympus and the world that you can pack a lot into a tiny package.


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Olympus Pen-D Half Frame Rangefinder (used)

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