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Pixel TF Series flash hot adapter is applicable on flashes which are unable to be directly contacted with cameras, making it connected with the cameras to ensure the effect to synchronously flash with the camera.

This product is small in size, nice shaped and reliable in performance, it will indeed bring convenience to photographers as it's very easy to use. Just slide the PC sync Adapter into the shoe shot and you will have a PC outlet.

Pixel Hot Shoe Converter TF-321 & TF-322

    • Support All Standard ISO 518-2006 hot shoe Flash gun's trigger by using the accessories of the Hot shoe
    • Available to use on the studio light and flashgun trigger through PC socket
    • The Hot-shoe flash and the PC Socket of the studio flash can work  at the same time
    • PC sync socket has a screw and can be locked
    • Shoe have the nut can be locked
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 35mm*29mm*28.2mm 
  • Strictly Non-Refundable nor Exchangable
    Please Proceed to the Store During Opening Hours for Purchase or Enquiries.

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