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1. TW-282 function is single, continuous, bulb, delay shooting modes; and also timer planning shooting mode.
2. Delay shooting can be set the time and number of shoot; delay time is 1s to 59s; number of shoot is 1 to 99 pictures.
3. Timer planning mode can be set the time between 0S to 99H59M59S. 
4. Transmitter external interface which can directly output signals, it can be connect with the shutter cable to camera for all function operation. 
5. Different output cable can be connect with different brand camera.
6. Transmitter and receiver are using LCD display to showing function, it‘s easy to understand and operate.
7. Using FSK 2.4 GHz wireless controls system which more reliability and stability.

Pixel Wireless Intervalometer TW-282


    Type: FSK 2.4GHz Wireless System
     Operation Range: 100M
     Channel: 15
     Transmit Power: -1 dB
     Sensitivity: -99dB
     Cable length: 30cm (straight line )
     Transmitter Stand-by Time: 3 Years (2pcs AAA alkaline battery)
     Receiver Stand-by Time: 400 Hours (CR-2 lithium-ion battery)
     Transmitter Measurement (L X W X H) : 149 X 49.5 X 24 MM
     Receiver  Measurement (L X W X H) :  63 X 38 X 31 MM
  • 3 Months Store Warranty Covering Manufacturing Defects ONLY.
    Kindly proceed to store during operating hours to test before purchasing. 

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