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Turn a Smartphone Into a Camcorder In 1 Sec WenPod SP1+ Digital stabilizer gimbal made for smartphone. Combining self-proprietary A.I. technology and brushless motors, it empowers ordinary smartphone users to shoot remarkable video footage like a professional videographer. Turn at Will. 360deg. Stabilized Freely turnable design allows video shooting with your smartphone in all position and direction. The brushless motors in both roll and tilt axis interact seamlessly to counteract your movement, keeping your smartphone stabilized at all times. Tilt Angle Joystick Adjust your angle of shooting right at your finger tip. Ergonomic handle design Combining applied science, biotechnology and human engineering into one handle design. Enhance comfortability while holding the handle for a long period of time. Fit Most Smartphone SP1+ fits most smartphone in the market. The phone clips design facilitates smartphone installation in just a second.

WenPod SP1+ Digital Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

  • WenPod SP1+ Smartphone Stabiliser

    The WenPod SP1+ stabiliser for smartphones has been developed to record stable images using virtually any smartphone. This sturdy and versatile handheld stabiliser grip is developed with action filmers in mind and has an ergonomic grip and a compact design. The WenPod SP1+ provides you with a high-quality tool for making the best action movies.

    Universal smartphone stabiliser

    The WenPod SP1+ is as versatile and universal as possible. The clip allows you to attach virtually every smartphone, like the iPhone 4, 5, 6 or 6s, most Samsung Galaxy phones, Huawei, HTC One, Nokia, etc. All normal-sized smartphones can be used. Moreover: installing your smartphone only takes a few seconds! Attach your smartphone in the special clip by clicking it in place. When installed, you can use your smartphone as stabilised videocamera to record all possible images and action films from virtually any angle you can think of!

    A.I. stabilised grip

    The WenPod SP1+ is an A.I. (artificial intelligence) stabilised handheld grip with accelerometers, gyros and two small electric motors that can tilt around both their horizontal as their vertical axes. This provides you with a stabiliser that can tilt and turn 360 degrees, so that you always have a good view of your screen. The special motors allow you to adjust your angle with a touch of your finger. Thanks to the ergonomic grip, the WenPod SP1+ Smartphone Stabiliser fits your hand perfectly.

    Removable premium battery

    The stabilisers in the WenPod SP1+ Smartphone Stabilise use energy to work. That’s why the ergonomically shaped grip contains a removable battery. This premium grade Lithium Polymer battery is provided with a built-in safety circuit and fast-charge technology. Safe, secure and providing you with enough power to record during a long period of time. The battery can be charged with a separate charger.

    About WenPod

    Degreef & Partner is established in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. With WenPod, they deliver high-quality stabilisers for GoPro action camera’s, dslr-camera’s and smartphones. All products are made with the best materials according to the following principle: “The best R&D to produce the most innovative products.”

    SKU WPSP1+
    Total weight 0.3700
    EAN code 4897056560147
    Material Aluminium
    Size(Exterior) L114mm x W75mm x H262mm
    Carrying capacity nvt
    Power (mAh) 800mAh, 11.1V
    Operating time about 150min in normal room temperature
    Temperature -10 to 40 degree celcius
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