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This is an improved Mark II version of Classic YN 467. PC Port for flash sychronization. Improved button design

YongNuo Speedlite YN-467 II

    • Flash Mode: TTL, M, S1, S2
    • Flash control: TTL auto flash or manual level 7 light quantity output control
    • Recycling Time: 3s
    • Auto Zoom: Flash light tube will move forward and backward with the changes of lens focus to suit different illumination zones (available on supporting i-TTL camera; not support full camera system)
    • Reflection Flash: you can take photo by making flash light head aimed at wall or ceiling and using the light reflected back from the ceiling or wall to light the desired object, so that the shade behind the object is decreased to get more natural shooting effect
    • Using reflection board to take photo: when shoot portrait, draw the reflection board and the wide-angle diffusion board out from the light head, and produce a highlighted point on the eyes to make the eyes charming; the function can reach optimal effect when the flasher head is up 90°
    • Use Wide-angle Diffuser to get softer and more natural pictures
    • Rear-curtain Sync (for the rear-curtain sync setting, refer to your camera manual for setting)
    • FV Lock
    • Application of AF Led: When the object or environment lacks sufficient light, the flash light can give out AF light to assist in focusing so as to achieve accurate focusing
    • Exposure Bracketing (FEB): Access to the camera menu to set the exposure bracketing function, it can help you to improve the success rate of photography.
    • Exposure Compensation: You can adjust the power output of the speedlite by using the flash and exposure compensation to make the photography effect meet your requirement.
    • Overheating Protection: When the controller is used too frequently, its overheating protection function will be triggered, and the controller will be locked. Please wait for about 3 minutes to cancel the protection
    • Power Saving Function: In TTL/M mode, flash light will enter sleep state when keep idle 40~50 seconds; in S1/S2 mode, if idle for 30 minutes, the flash will enter sleep state
  • 3 Months Store Warranty Covering Manufacturing Defects ONLY.
    Kindly proceed to store during operating hours to test before purchasing

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