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Upgraded flash speed lite YN-468, it's designed for canon DSLR camera. The main difference between YN-468 and YN-467 is that YN-468 has the led display, multi strobe flash function, and can set the focus position of the light head manually, more professional and higher efficiency. Function: a), TTL mode, the metering system of this camera will detect flash illumination reflected back from the object so as to automatically control flash output in this mode. In this E-TTL mode, you can also make compensation of flash brightness with the “output control knob" within the range of 3 EV, with the precision of 1/3 EV. (The compensation value can be added to the compensation value set on the camera.) B), auto zoom 1), the flash speed lite will move forward and backward with the changes of lens focus to suit different illumination zones when it is mounted on the camera which supports E-TTL function, the zoom range is 24mm - 85mm. 2), You also can set the focus position for the light head manual

YongNuo Speedlite YN-468 II for Canon

  • Lens Coverage 24mm - 85mm

    Supported Exposure Control E-TTL, TTL

    Compatible Brand For Canon

    Other Features

    Additional Features Illuminated LCD display


    Weight 8.8 oz

  • 3 Months Store Warranty Covering Manufacturing Defects ONLY.
    Kindly proceed to store during operating hours to test before purchasing

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